Save Tightwad Hill! v. University of California (2007) Alameda County Superior Court

A group of Cal football fans formed Save Tightwad Hill! and sued the University of California regarding proposed new bleachers for California Memorial Stadium. The group did not oppose Cal's upgrades to the stadium, but was concerned that as-yet-undesigned new seating could block views of the field from a steep adjacent slope known as Tightwad Hill. Hundreds of Bears fans have watched home football games for free from Tightwad Hill since the stadium was built in 1923, and the hill has become a cultural resource.

The suit settled when Cal agreed to include representatives of Save Tightwad Hill! in the design process for the proposed improvements to the east side of the stadium. Consultation should allow any necessary upgrades without unduly impacting existing views from the Tightwad Hill cultural landscape.

Save Tightwad Hill! v. University of California
"FIghting to Save the Really Cheap Seats" NY Times 12.4.06

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