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These summaries of some of our completed court cases include photographs of affected resources and links to published decisions.

Acronyms: CEQA [California Environmental Quality Act], EIR [Environmental Impact Report]

California Supreme Court

2018 - Sierra Club v. County of Fresno,6 Cal.5th 502
2016 - Friends of the College of San Mateo Gardens v. San Mateo Co. Comm. College Dist.,1 Cal.5th 937
2015 - Berkeley Hillside Preservation v. City of Berkeley,60 Cal.4th 1086
2001 - Friends of Sierra Madre v. City of Sierra Madre,25 Cal.4th 165
1999 - Sierra Club v. San Joaquin LAFCO,21 Cal.4th 489
1994 - Public Resources Protection Association v. CDF,7 Cal.4th 111

California Court of Appeal

2024 - Save the Capitol, Save the Trees v. Department of General Services,___Cal.App.5th ___
2024 - St. Claire Historic Preservation Foundation v. City of San Jose,Unpublished H050106
2023 - Preservation Action Council*San Jose v. City of San Jose,91 Cal.App.5th 517
2023 - Save Our Capitol, et al v. Department of General Services,87 Cal.App.5th 655
2018 - Protect Niles v. City of Fremont,25 Cal.App.5th 1129
2017 - Friends of the College of San Mateo Gardens v. San Mateo Co. Comm. College Dist.,11 Cal.App.5th 596
2017 - Save Our Heritage Organization v. City of San Diego,11 Cal.App.5th 154
2015 - Defend Our Waterfront v. California State Lands Commission,240 Cal.App.4th 570
2014 - Citizens for the Restoration of L Street v. City of Fresno,229 Cal.App.4th 340
2014 - Ventura Foothill Neighbors v. County of Ventura,232 Cal.App.4th 429
2012 - Flanders Foundation v. City of Carmel-by-the-Sea,202 Cal.App.4th 603
2010 - Friends of the Juana Briones House v. City of Palo Alto,190 Cal.App.4th 286
2008 - Heritage Fresno and Friends of Old Armenian Town v. City of Fresno,unpublished C055298
2006 - 108 Holdings v. City of Rohnert Park,136 Cal.App.4th 186
2006 - Preservation Action Council v. City of San Jose,141 Cal.App.4th 1336
2005 - Lighthouse Field Beach Rescue v. City of Santa Cruz,131 Cal.App.4th 1170
2005 - Bowman v. City of Berkeley,131 Cal.App.4tht 173
2005 - Lincoln Place Tenants Association v. City of Los Angeles,130 Cal.App.4th 1491
2004 - Architectural Heritage Association v. County of Monterey,122 Cal.App.4th 1095
2004 - The Pocket Protectors v. City of Sacramento,124 Cal.App.4th 903
2002 - Friends of the Santa Clara RIver v. Castaic Lake Water Agency,95 Cal.App.4th 1373
2000 - Friends and Neighbors of Old Hollywood v. City of Los Angeles,unpublished B131537
1999 - Preservation Action Council v. City of San Jose,unpublished H019468
1997 - League for Protection v. City of Oakland ,52 Cal.App.4th 896
1997 - Galante Vineyards v. Monterey Peninsula Water District,60 Cal.App.4th 1109
1996 - Stanislaus Natural Heritage Project v. County of Stanislaus,48 Cal.App.4th 182
1995 - Residents for Adequate Water v. Redwood Valley County Water District,34 Cal.App.4th 1801
1992 - Sierra Club v. County of Sonoma,6 Cal.App.4th 1307

Superior Court

2022 - The Glendale Historical Society v. City of Glendale
2022 - Don't Morph the Wharf! v. City of Santa Cruz
2021 - George Washington High School Alumni Association v. San Francisco Unified School District
2018 - Save Our Heritage Organisation v. City of San Diego
2016 - Whittier Conservancy v. California Public Works Board
2015 - Neighbors to Preserve the Waterfront v. City and County of San Francisco
2013 - Friends of Cordilleras Creek v. City of Redwood City
2012 - Friends and Alumni of Leuzinger High School v. Centinela Valley Union High School District ,Los Angeles County Superior Court
2010 - Pasadenans for a Livable City and Pasadena Heritage v. City of Pasadena
2010 - Friends of the Lacy Historic Neighborhood v. City of Santa Ana, Orange County Superior Court
2009 - Save Old Stockton v. City of Stockton,San Joaquin County Superior Court
2008 - Whittier Conservancy v. City of Whittier,Los Angeles County Superior Court
2008 - San Buenaventura Conservancy v. City of Ventura,Ventura County Superior Court
2007 - Eureka Heritage Society v. Eureka Unified School District,Humboldt County Superior Court
2007 - Friends of Griffin House v. Foothill-DeAnza Community College District,Santa Clara County
2007 - Save Tightwad Hill! v. University of California,Alameda County Superior Court
2007 - Flanders Foundation v. City of Carmel-by-the-Sea,Monterey County Superior Court
2006 - Save Our Heritage Organisation v. City of San Diego,San Diego County Superior Court
2000 - Friends of Carmel Cultural Heritage v. City of Carmel,Monterey County Superior Court
1998 - Pasadena Heritage v. City of Pasadena,Los Angeles County Superior Court
1996 - Preservation Action Council v. San Jose State University,Santa Clara County Superior Court
1994 - Friends of Douglass Hall v. Town of Atherton ,San Mateo County Superior Court
1988 - The Bridge Club v. Caltrans,Sonoma County Superior Court

Federal Court

1995 - Aircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation v. U.S. Navy,Fed. District Court C-95-3702
1992 - North Oakland Voters Alliance v. Oakland,1992 U.S.Dist. LEXIS 19033, 1992 WL 367096

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